Cape Coral Builder Paul Homes builds to withstand hurricanes

07 Sep Cape Coral Builder Paul Homes builds to withstand hurricanes

No one likes to even say the “h” word, but hurricanes are a fact of life for anyone choosing to live in Florida. Cape Coral homebuilder Paul Homes know this, and we work to alleviate the worry that comes with living in a hurricane zone and build homes to withstand hurricanes.

Paul Homes president Bob Knight, says “Florida building codes are among the strongest in the nation. At Paul Homes our construction meets or exceeds building code requirements. All homes are built to withstand heavy winds and the glass entry doors and Low E insulated windows use impact resistant glass, eliminating the need for hurricane shutters.”

“Over the years that Cape Coral builder Paul Homes has been in business, there have been several hurricanes that impacted Cape Coral (and all of Southwest Florida). One constant, after every storm, our homeowners raved about the quality of the construction and the way their homes weathered the storms,” Bob continues.

“There are additional options that can be added to make your home even more “hurricane-proof.” Generators may be installed during construction. These generators look like an air-conditioning unit, but they run on natural or propane gas. They can back up your entire home or just essential systems. These generators turn on automatically when the power goes out – you don’t have to run outside and flip a switch.”

Cape Coral homebuilder Paul Homes has always built homes of exceptional quality and value, and that quality is a tremendous plus when it comes to weathering southwest Florida’s storms.

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