Cape Coral Home Builder Says YES to Customers

22 Oct Cape Coral Home Builder Says YES to Customers

Selecting a home builder can be challenging in an area like Cape Coral, where there as so many choices. So what set Cape Coral homebuilder Paul Homes apart? We say YES. Many homebuilders will only build specific floor plans, is you want to make changes to those plans, the answer is either NO, or the cost is so excessive that its not practical. But Paul Homes is different helping you design a home unique to you. Each Paul Home is different, representing the needs and dreams of the individual home buyer.

“At Paul Homes, we encourage our buyers to adapt our three basic floor plans to meet their needs,” says Paul Homes president Bob Knight. “You may want to add a bedroom, extra baths, even a second floor. Our team of sales professionals will work with you every step of the way, helping you to design a home that fits you.”

“Once we determine what you want,” Bob continues, “we’ll price out your changes. You’ll know before we start to build, exactly what the cost will be.”

Over the years, the changes to individual Paul Homes have been dramatic – from a six car garage to complete second floors, adding bedrooms, baths, family rooms and more. “We know that cookie cutter houses are fine for some, but definitely not for our buyers,” Bob adds. “Each Paul Home is beautifully built, with exacting attention to detail. And each of our homes truly reflects the personalities of the family who will call that Paul Home – home.

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