Cape Coral Homebuilder Looks at Vacation Rentals

31 Aug Cape Coral Homebuilder Looks at Vacation Rentals

AirBnB,, HoweAway, Vacation Rentals by Owner. These are just a few of the many sites that allow vacationers to vacation differently. Gone are the days of staying in impersonal hotel rooms; today, vacationers around the globe are vacationing in private homes. Cape Coral builder Paul Homes is familiar with the trend, as several of our recent buyers rent out their homes when they are not in residence. Here’s how Paul Homes homebuilder looks at vacation rentals.

As a Cape Coral builder, Paul Homes knows that some owners place their homes in rental pools and use them rarely during the year. In fact, one couple has to book their time in their home months in advance to ensure that it is available when they want to use it.

Building homes and using them as vacation rentals is increasingly common among our European buyers. The rental fees offset the costs of home ownership and, because the homes are occupied throughout the year, it reduces the chances that major problems will go undiscovered.

According to a recent article in the News Press, there are more than 3,000 Cape Coral homes currently listed on one of the many vacation home rental sites. In reaction to the ever increasing number of vacation rentals appearing in Cape Coral, this year the city enacted an ordinance outline the responsibilities of homeowners and renters and establishing process for registering and regulating vacation rentals. By October 1, 2017, owners of vacation rentals in the Cape must apply for a Vacation Rental Certificate.

The new regulations, are designed to provide for the health and safety of short term residents while maintaining the neighborhood feeling of Cape Coral.

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