It’s Tile Time for Cape Coral Home Builder Paul Homes

29 Oct It’s Tile Time for Cape Coral Home Builder Paul Homes

The days of neutral-colored, square flooring tile are a thing of the past, according to Cape Coral Home Builder Paul Homes. For many years, the only thing that made flooring tile differ from one home to another was the way in which the tile was laid. Was it a straight pattern or installed on a diagonal? Those days are long gone, says Bob Knight, president of Cape Coral home builder Paul Homes.

“Today, our customers have so much to choose from when deciding on flooring tile – color, size, shape, tile material and grout color – all have come a long way in just a few years,” Knight says. “Choosing tile is a critical decision, as tile can change the look and feel of a single room or an entire home.”

“Living in Florida, many of our customers choose to install tile in all rooms, because of the easy maintenance. One popular trend is tile which emulates the look and texture of wood,” Knight continues. “To make their homes unique some customers create patterns in the installation of their tile. Others play with grout color, some using it as an accent, others seeking to create a seamless surface by using a grout that matches the tile.”

Whatever their preference, Paul Homes buyers have created distinctive homes, in part through the use of tile.

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