What Can You Expect When You Build with SW Florida Builder Paul Homes?

08 May What Can You Expect When You Build with SW Florida Builder Paul Homes?

What You Expect When You Build with SW Florida Builder Paul Homes?

On time, on budget delivery are just the beginning

One of the reasons buyers choose SW Florida Builder Paul Homes is reputation. Building in Southwest Florida for more than 30 years, the professionals behind the Paul Homes name have earned a reputation for constructing homes that meet and exceed buyer’s expectations, while delivering those homes on time and on budget.

The SW Florida builder relies heavily on the expertise of the three state certified building contractors on their team, to keep jobs flowing smoothly from groundbreaking to final walk-through. “Our project superintendents are builders. They know how to develop realistic schedules at the outset, and they hold the subcontractors on their team accountable for meeting the time lines established,” Bob explains.

“Our buyers expect their home to be delivered as promised, but they are nearly always wowed by the final product,” Bob continues. “The attention to detail that they see in the model shows up in their homes. While they expect that quality, it often seems to surprise them when they actually see their home.”

That attention to detail is also there during building. If there are two homes under construction on the same street, it’s always easy to pick out the Paul Homes site. “We require our subcontractors to keep the site clean at all times. It’s something people in established neighborhoods comment on frequently, and our home owners feel safe and confident walking through the job site while it is under construction.”

Delivering an exceptional home product on time, and on budget is one of the overriding goals at SW Florida builder Paul Homes. “We know that there is no better advertising than a satisfied home owner speaking to their friends and neighbors, and we work hard to ensure that satisfaction.”

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