Cape Coral home builder Paul Homes answers more of your questions

Cape Coral home builder Paul Homes answers more of your questions

Several weeks ago we published a list of questions you should ask your Cape Coral home builder. This is part two of Paul Homes “answers”  your questions.

How do you handle things when I decide to make a change to my plans? Are there additional costs or fees? How quickly will you let me know what these costs might be?

If, during the building process, you decide to make changes to your home, Cape Coral home builder Paul Homes will make every effort to accommodate you. Contact your building superintendent, letting him know what you wish to change. You can do this through your BuilderTrend portal. If we are not able to make the changes, we will let you know. If the changes are still possible, your superintendent will work with the office to price the changes and get back in touch with you quickly, letting you know if there are additional costs involved. You will be asked to sign off, approving the changes and any additional costs.

Will there be one person in of my job and do you have enough people to ensure that my home will be monitored appropriately? How many homes do you currently have under construction? 

Cape Coral home builder Paul Homes will assign one of our professional construction superintendents as your primary contact during the construction of yourhome. This person will be responsible for all of the construction scheduling and oversight. If you have a question or problem, Rich or Bob M will act as your point person. Both of these superintendents have years of experience running job sites. The number of homes we have under construction at any given time varies, however, Paul Homes intentionally limits the number of homes we build each year so that we can closely and  supervise every home, giving you the personal attention we believe you deserve.

I live in the area and plan to visit the site frequently. Is there a problem with my being on site?

We never have a problem with home owners visiting their job site. We do ask that you check in with your superintendent if you are planning to visit the site during the day when there are trades working, just to ensure your safety. 

Do you have recent references that you can provide? Recent customers? Subcontractors? Other professional references?

Paul Homes will happily provide you with customer and professional references at your request. 

Do you have a process for inspecting the home, during construction and at the completion of the project?

Midway through construction we will invite you to walk your home with the construction superintendent. We will do another walk through prior to closing, where you and the superintendent will develop a punch list of items that may require touch up. If you have an issue with your home after closing, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Check back again for more answers to questions you should ask your Cape Coral home builder.

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