Cape Coral Home Builder, Paul Homes Building Our Community

Cape Coral Home Builder, Paul Homes Building Our Community

For more than 25 years, the professionals at Cape Coral home builder, Paul Homes have been building our community, one home at a time, one family at a time. And building a community means far more than just constructing homes. Along the way Gary Paul, Bob Knight and their staff have built friendships that will last a lifetime.

“From contact to occupancy, the building process can take almost a year. During that time, we are in constant contact with our homebuyer,” Cape Coral homebuilder Bob Knight says. “We talk on the phone, email photos of the construction progress and meet during the process to select finishes for the home. If there are changes to be made during construction, we’re discussing those changes and sending documents back and forth. It is an intense and very close relationship”

The building process also involves trust, the Cape Coral home builder says. “Many times, our buyers are not living here while they are building,” Bob continues. “They might be living in New Jersey, or Indiana or even in Europe. They are counting on us, not just to build a home but to build it properly – to be their eyes and ears on the job site. We take this trust seriously.”

“Our goal is always to have that “WOW” moment, when a homebuyer walks into their finished home,” Bob adds. “But we don’t disappear after the close. When the job is done, our relationship with the home buyer doesn’t end. We don’t just hand someone the keys and say goodbye,” Bob says. “We’re here if there are any problems, and we’re also here to help ease their way into living in Southwest Florida.”

“Some of our buyers know nothing about our community before choosing to live here,” Bob adds. “We’ve been known to show them some of our favorite spots in the area, to help them get acclimated more easily. And many of our one-time customers have become valued friends.”

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