Cape Coral Homebuilder Answers More Questions

Cape Coral Homebuilder Answers More Questions

Our last few blog posts have addressed questions that you should ask your Cape Coral homebuilder and the basic answers from Paul Homes. Today, we conclude this series of blog posts.

Can  make changes to the printed floor plans? How extensive can the changes be?

At Paul Homes, we encourage our customers to adapt our floor plans to fit their needs. This could be as simple as adding a bathroom for every bedroom, expanding the garage, adding a pantry, or increasing the overall dimensions of your home. It can be as complicated as adding a second story (all of our homes are engineered to accommodate a second floor). We invite you to dream with your sales associate. Take your favorite floor plan and change it to reflect your desires. Our sales professionals are trained to walk you through drawing plans that fully fit your lifestyle.

How long will the construction of my home take? What is your percentage of on-time completion? What external factors might impact this timeline?

The construction of your home can vary depending on the size and complexity of your project. At contract, you will be given an anticipated completion date. Paul Homes has a reputation for meeting those schedules. There are external facets that can impact your home’s completion, the most significant being weather related events.

When do I need to make decisions about finishes in the home? Do you have a process for this? 

At Paul Homes we have developed an extensive process for choosing the finishes that go into your home. If you are coming in from out of town, we will schedule a time for finish selection. Each day is carefully scheduled. You will spend time picking out cabinets, paint colors, tile and countertops. Time is also scheduled with the swimming pool subcontractors and the landscaping contractors. Your sales associate may accompany you during this process. 

What is your greatest strength as a Cape Coral builder? 

Our greatest strength is our reputation. Paul Homes has earned an outstanding reputation amongst customers, subcontractors and others within the community for building homes of the highest quality. The recommendations we receive from our customers are our greatest reward.

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