Cape Coral/Fort Myers Builder Paul Homes is Bullish on Energy Efficiency

Cape Coral/Fort Myers Builder Paul Homes is Bullish on Energy Efficiency

For years, Cape Coral/Fort Myers builder Paul Homes has worked to make homes more sustainable and fuel efficient. During the 1970s, Americans learned that the seemingly endless supply of oil that fueled our cars and our homes had limitations. That began the current drive for energy efficiency in automobiles and in homes.

“Incorporating ‘green’ building practices into our homes is a common sense response to increased fuel costs, water shortages, and other environmental changes,” says Bob Knight, vice president of Cape Coral/Fort Myers builder Paul Homes. Bob is one of a very elite group of Cape Coral/Fort Myers builders to have earned the Certified Green Professional designation from the National Association of Home Builders. This program recognizes builders who incorporate green building principles into their homes without driving up the cost of construction.

“Building in energy efficiency is easier today than ever before,” Bob says, “because of the products now readily available to us. Each home we build starts with tinted, impact resistant glass in all windows and doors, which offer sound deadening, hurricane protection and less heat transfer. We use R-30 insulation in the attic and insulated masonry board on all external walls.”

Additional energy savings are found by installing a heat recovery system which captures the heat given off by the air conditioning unit and sends it to the 50 gallon hot water heater. A programmable thermostat allows the homeowner to set the heating and cooling system for those times when the home is actually in use. Energy savings are also found through:

  • 15 SEER Air Conditioning Unit
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Mastic on all air conditioning duct joints

These features are included in all homes constructed by the Cape Coral/Fort Myers builder, but homeowners can also choose additional energy saving options such as LP gas appliances, radiant heat barrier or open cell foam insulation in the attic (this foam insulation fills all gaps that can lead to air leakage providing exceptional insulation, as well as sound and moisture barriers).

To learn more about the energy saving features available, visit the Paul Homes model center at 1406 Cape Coral Parkway West, Cape Coral, FL 33914.

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