Security is built in with Cape Coral Builder Paul Homes

Security is built in with Cape Coral Builder Paul Homes

Cape Coral home builder Paul Homes is accustomed to constructing homes for part-time residents. Since many home buyers are only in the Sunshine State for part of the year, they often come in to our idea center asking questions about home security. How can I protect my home when I’m not here? is something we hear with increasing frequency. Here we answer your questions about home security.

At Paul Homes, a basic level of security is built in to every home, and additional smart, secure home features can be added – often at a nominal cost. Bob Knight, president of Paul Homes explains. “A full perimeter security system with two keypads and two motion detectors is a standard, included feature in each of our new homes.Additionally, Florida building codes require hurricane protection for new home construction and the impact glass windows and doors that we use (as an alternative to hurricane shutters), not only provide storm protection, they also protect against intruders.”

The security system can be monitored by professional monitoring services, or by the home owner via  smart phone, tablet or computer.

Experts add that the most effective protection against burglary is giving the impression that your home is occupied. “Nothing is more effective at deterring a burglary than having people think there is someone in the house, so a very basic system that is programmed to turn lights on automatically, can be used.

The security we build into every homes gives our buyers a level of comfort when they are not in residence.

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