What questions should you ask your Cape Coral builder before signing a contract?

What questions should you ask your Cape Coral builder before signing a contract?

Building a home is both costly and time consuming. It can also be among the most stressful events in a home owner’s life. Asking appropriate questions of your Cape Coral homebuilder before signing a contract is key to making the construction smooth, from contract to completion.

We’ve compiled a list of questions to ask prospective Cape Coral homebuilder before signing a contract. This is a basic list, so please feel free to add to this list when interviewing Cape Coral builders.

  1. How long have you been in business? Approximately how many homes have you built?
  2. What licensure do you hold? Are you licensed and insured in Florida? How many people on your team are licensed?
  3. Are you familiar with local and state building codes?
  4. Are you a member of any professional organizations? Do you attend professional meetings and continuing education courses?
  5. Do you offer a home warranty? If yes, what is covered and what is the process for getting something fixed once construction is complete?
  6. How do you communicate with customers? Can I call or email the person in charge of my project? What is the time frame for returning calls or emails? How often should I expect to receive updates on the progress of my home?
  7. How do you handle things when I decide to make a change to my plans? Are there additional costs or fees? How quickly will you let me know what these costs might be?
  8. How many homes do you currently have under construction? Will there be one person in of my job and do you have enough people to ensure that my home will be monitored appropriately?
  9. I live in the area and plan to visit the site frequently. Is there a problem with my being on site?
  10. Do you have recent references that you can provide? Recent customers? Subcontractors? Other professional references?
  11. Do you have a process for inspecting the home, during construction and at the completion of the project?
  12. Can I make changes to the basic floor plans? How extensive can those changes be?
  13. How long will the construction of my home take? What is your percentage of on-time completion? What external factors might impact this timeline?
  14. When do I need to make decisions about finishes in the home? Do you have a process for this?
  15. What is your greatest strength as a Cape Coral builder?

In our next blog post, we’ll begin answering these questions!

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